What’s OPTIMISE your Life?

The OPTIMISE your Life model is the ultimate therapy and coaching programme which has been considered by many who’ve experienced it as a modern day path to enlightened living. It has been developed over the last decade to help people overcome challenges and those who are ready to make a difference, unleash their purpose, passion and potential.   010

OPTIMISE is an operating system with knowledge and tools which will enable you to enjoy a more meaningful and happy life. It will help you to do what you’re good at…Better!

The great advantage of learning to implement the OPTIMISE Your Life tools, combined with what we now know about social networks, is that like a ripple on a still pond, you’re also going to positively influence those around you such as family, friends, clients and colleagues just by being you.

This programme, blended from eastern philosophies and western peak performance and positive psychology research, is for people who want to learn how to think differently about their own life. But it’ll also help those who are hoping to make a positive difference to the world around them.

Experience an ‘OPTIMISE Your Life’ retreat and you’ll come away with:

  • A deeper understanding of your personality and relationship style
  • Mindfulness tools to lower stress and aid relaxation and healing
  • Tools to overcome past hurts, fears and boost emotional integrity
  • Transformational strategies which will allow you to connect with your inner wisdom
  • The ability to enter a peak performance zone, known as the  Zen state, at will
  • A clearer sense of your purpose, strengths and inner compass
  • Liberation from the traps of fear, delusion and ego
  • A simple but powerfully effective tool for making enlightened life decisions

“Martin has really helped me to understand Universal Life Cycle of Everythingmyself, what drives me, what I’m good at and why I behave the way I do.  He gently guides me to make the decisions I’ve been fobbing off in my head and somehow gets me to the point where I can create an action plan and get on with it.  Time spent with him has been invaluable and life changing!”

Anita McLearn – Customer Service DirectorCarphone_Warehouse_logo.svg

The OPTIMISE Your Life retreats have been designed to promote wisdom and wellbeing whilst your  having fun, preferably with some outdoor time connecting with nature.  It’s is about making the complicated theoretical ‘stuff’ easy to understand and what’s more do. Be assured, it will be  an enjoyable, highly inspirational and a life transforming experience. It will leave you with plenty of food for thought, tools which you can integrate immediately into your own life and memories to savour as well as making some new friends along the way.

You will learn how to:

Overcome negativity and fear. This could be the result of past experiences, relationships or as a product of your environment. By understanding and reintegrating Bodymind, Headmind and  E-mind, you will experience more confidence and build the mental resilience needed to follow your own path. You will learn how to respond effectively instead of reacting negatively and learn about The 7 Fears Overcome by Highly Effective and Happy People.

Practice self-awareness and play to your strengths. If you have ever said you are in two minds about something, then you will understand that there are many parts to you; these make up your personalities and your U.S.P (Unique Soul Passion) in life. Understanding what motivates you and others, allows you to engage with others in a more meaningful, way and build better relationships.


“We are what we believe we are.  Working with Martin has reaffirmed my belief that we are faced with limitless possibility and the only limits are the ones that we place upon ourselves.”           Malcolm McClean – Social Entrepreneur & Author

Transform your inner World. If you have a map that leads to dead ends which you keep taking, then it’s time to get a better map. Understanding your personal belief map and where it will lead you means you can challenge unexamined and limiting assumptions about yourself and the way things are. Mostly negative behaviour is a result of people not realising they have more choices in life.

It’s a psychological process to fold our internal map into smaller and smaller parts. This saves energy in thinking and it is useful to be driven by habits at times. However; to become more effective, it’s a good idea to open up our internal belief map occasionally and do further examination. When we do this we can collapse the differences between people and find the balance in all events. This allows old hurts and emotional challenges to be resolved which clears the way to an ocean of possibilities.

Inner Coach Yourself to Success & Happiness. Once the inner world is transformed, then your inner dialogue will change, but it is useful to know how to ask yourself empowering questions and coach yourself towards success and happiness.

High quality empowering questions and positive self talk is one of the most undervalued tools for personal transformation . The quality of your life is really down to the quality of the questions you ask yourself and others. You’ll learn how mantras and affirmations actually work, how they are beneficial and how you can implement them into your daily life and practice.

“I attended a workshop just before starting a new job in a field that had been very intimidating to me (sales). The results have been outstanding! I have fully embraced my personality type, used the visualization techniques given, and have found real confidence in this new job. I actually had a $26,000 sale in my first week! “ ~

John Janeck, USA

Manage your wellbeing. Maintaining a balanced perspective allows you to make better decisions. It also allows you to create a more meaningful life for yourself by enabling you to take on greater challenges and approaching peak stress moments with equanimity.

You’ll learn about the benefits of maintaining a relaxed body and focussed mind, the state known as mindfulness, and how to integrate this state into your daily routine. This is covered by the NAMASTE model of  wellbeing. A set of tools and strategies for maintaining a peak performance Zen state as well as building emotional integrity.

Inspire yourself with a sense of purpose. Unleash your UP (Unique Passion) for life by achieving clarity on your life’s purpose. Once you have uncovered your purpose, you can create a P.O.W.E.R. vision of your future and an action plan to achieve it.

Seeking wisdom and applying it will unlock more potential. The continuous learning of superior strategies, connecting with your enlightened mind (E- mind) and using the enlightened decision making tool, become habits that provide clarity and support your inner confidence.

Express the change you want to see in the world.
Take action, exaggerate and follow through. By consciously communicating your new found confidence and behaviours you will begin to see the results reflected back to you. You’ll also notice the difference in the people around you, whilst being also being aware of other people’s possible unconscious strategies to keep you stuck where you are now. This compounds your increased awareness, success and confidence.

We think everybody will really benefit from the OPTIMISE Your Life programme, if you think this is something you would like to experience, then give us a call on +44 (0)7733121967

If you wish clarification on anything or just want a chat about how it may benefit your life email us at: info@ optimiseretreats.com or use the form below and we’ll contact you:


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