Weekend Re-Boots

017Imagine coming away and experiencing a total re-boot for the mind, body and soul with a small group of people. Our aim is to make you feel welcome and very comfortable so you can relax deeply and enjoy a truly memorable experience in a luxurious setting complimented by beautiful panoramic views.

With complimentary, insightful but fun-filled workshops, guided meditation and mindfulness exercises, beach walking,  Hypno-relaxation, Reiki-massage, OPTIMISE coaching, great food locally sourced and time to chill and relax. If this sounds like something you would like to experience then:

Call Emma on +44 (0) 7881488258 for details or use the form below to get the ball rolling.

The weekend begins on Friday afternoon when you arrive, after introductions, you can do your own thing until dinner, maybe relax with a nice bath enjoying the organic bath oils which will be waiting for you in your own room prepared by our aromatherapist Franki. After dinner, organised by our nutrition specialist Emma, they’ll be an introduction to the OPTIMISE Your Life model.

The thing people love about this programme is that the tools you’ll learn are easy to learn and what’s more immediately apply into your own life.  You’ll understand things about yourself and the way the universe works more clearly. OPTIMISE has been described as a modern day path to enlightened living in this transformational age we’re going through. (although Martin just calls it common sense!) It’s a blend of eastern philosophies, western peak performance and positive psychology methodologies.

The mornings begin with some physical exercise to work up and appetite for breakfast. Try our combat fitness training or if a more sedate pace is what you’re looking for, then a walk along the beach and dunes will fill your lungs with fresh sea air led by OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMac ~ the therapy dog.

Anglesey’s got an amazing coastline and there’s lot of activities and mindfulness exercises available here at base to connect you with your inner wisdom.

Underlining all the retreats are the OPTIMISE Your Life workshops and coaching, which can be followed up on after your visit via Skype.

We invite you to learn about:

  • The Universal Life Cycle of Everything & How to navigate it confidently
  • The 7 fears Overcome by Happy People
  • The CORE model of Olympic Level Success
  • Your Relationship Style and How to Recognise Others
  • The Seven ‘P’ Path to Prosperity
  • Your U.S.P. (Unique Soul Passion) So you can make those big life decisions with a bit more confidence

Universal Life Cycle of EverythingWe expect you to go back re-energised, wiser, clearer about your direction in life, with lots of great tools, memories and perhaps a new set of friends.

When you’re ready to book, send us a message using the form below or email us at info@optimiseretreats .com



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