Six Nights Delight

A bespoke retreat promoting wisdom, wellbeing and fun in a relaxing coastal setting in a luxury house on Anglesey, North Wales.

Take a time out, book on an OPTIMISE Your Life retreat so you can relax, recharge and 017quite possibly, experience a breakthrough to the next level of your personal development journey.

Following a phone conversation we’ll put together an itinerary which aims to fulfill your personal retreat goals.

Whether you want to relax and de-stress, kick start a fitness lifestyle, lose a few pounds for a special occasion, get confident for a challenging event, overcome a painful past which is still holding you back, learn some tools to promote health and happiness through mindfulness and meditation, we’ll co-create an environment and itinerary which supports you, as you practice some new skills, as well as having plenty of time to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

There are always plenty of activities, workshops and therapies to choos059e from. These include NLP-Hypnotherapy, OPTIMISE Your Life workshops, nutritional coaching, Optimise Mindful Meditation (OMM) training and sessions, massage, Reiki and for the more adventurous we have confidence building combat fitness & self defence training, or you could just take your dog for a walk… or borrow ours!

In relaxed workshops we invite you to be engaged and enlightened by the OPTIMISE Your Life model. OPTIMISE is a unique operating system for achieving an enjoyable, healthy and fulfilling life based on a wide range of eclectic tools from the worlds of positive psychology, NLP, ecopsychology, Buddhist psychology and more. It is constantly evolving and has help many people transform their lives.

So if you fancy enjoying walks on the beach. Eating locally sourced010 (2), nourishing food. Learning some new tools to unleash your purpose, passion and potential; call us so we can get started on designing your retreat for you.

Martin or Emma on

+44 ( 0)7733121967

You’ll also meet new people on a similar journey, be engaged in meaningful conversations, watch inspiring movies and documentaries and have fun exploring the beaches and countryside of Anglesey.086 (2)

Dip in and out as much as you want, it’s your retreat experience.

The OPTIMISE Your Life Workshops  include:

  • The Universal Life Cycle and How to Navigate it Confidently
  • The Seven Fears Overcome By Highly Successful & Happy People
  • How to Connect with your Enlightened Mind
  • Unleashing your Purpose Passion & Potential
  • The CORE Model of Olympic Level Success
  • Living your Life in Flow by Playing to your Strengths
  • Making Wisdom Based Decisions
  • The POWER Model Planning Process
  • Namaste: A Model for Wellbeing and Happiness

If this feels like an experience you’d like to try; call Martin or Emma for a chat on:

  +44 (0)7733121967

More Info:

We have entered the transformation age. An age when a lot of things need to not just change, but fundamentally shift, including the way we all live. We are all products of our environment, but are you fed up of being a victim of circumstances yet?

A retreat  is a magical transformative process because you get to step out of your normal situation and slow right down (although Mac our Labrador might not join you in that activity). It is a meaningful experience, one in which you will return refreshed, empowered with clarity and inspiration.


Many people today find themselves stuck in a cycle of behaviour in their professional or personal life that is painful and frustrating; yet they repeat the same cycle over and over. We think people are scared of change, but that’s not true. People change continuously to stay in the same place, comfortably uncomfortable in their comfort zones. It’s transformation that we are really afraid of. People use up lots of  energy supporting a lifestyle that is meaningless but feel powerless to make positive changes.

Research points to the fact that happier people live lives which are built on strong social networks. They experience states of abundance and gratitude more often because they play to their strengths in life. Their confidence allows them to pursue their passion in the service of others.  They usually have a balanced perspective on material wealth, they are resilient and cope well with stress because they are health orientated, mindful and relax often.Claire and Adam 127

The ‘OPTIMISE your Life’ model of behavioural transformation has been designed to unlock all these elements in your life.

Is it time to break some old patterns of behaviour and finally embark on a new path of purpose and wisdom?

Recent studies indicate that stopping to regroup, immersing yourself in a different environment and asking what that actually means to you, may have ongoing benefits to both your physical and mental wellbeing.  But where to begin?

Book on an OPTIMISE event now and you will be taking a 018great first step.

Call Martin on 07733 121 967 to book today

The ‘Blue Zones’ of the world are recognised communities in which the people living there are measurably the happiest and healthiest in the world. Life patterns of these populations reveal a factor common among the different cultures…they all live with passion and know their purpose in life.

“All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost…” ~ Tolkien

Psychologists have determined that if you define your purpose, you will experience greater life satisfaction, increased physical energy and release more neurotransmitters (brain hormones) that regulate health and happy moods.

Do you want to wake up everyday, eager to discover where your life’s journey will take you?

A monk once wrote in his old age, that when he was young and full of enthusiasm he had tried to change the world. He first started with the whole nation. When that didn’t work and after each disappointment, he aimed smaller and smaller. After a life time of trying to change everyone else, he realised that if he had only changed himself first, this would have positively influenced those around him. In turn this would have made an impact on the rest of the world.

Research into social networks confirms that what you do, impacts others up to three degrees of separation. So as well as taking your own life to the next level, you will also be contributing by positively influencing others with your example. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Being personally developed for the sake of being… ‘personally developed’ is pointless, make it count for something!

To find out more call martin on +44 (0) 7733 121 967

or email


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