Firewalking & Confidence Building Events

Firewalking is a great metaphor for so many lessons and as a shared group activity it is unequalDSCF2493led as an event that bonds people, allowing them to smash through limiting beliefs together. It can be arranged in most locations.

Our team of trained marshals will ensure the event is run professionally, to the highest safety standards possible.  Risk assessments and methodologies are provided beforehand and a confidence and safety seminar is delivered to all participants prior to the Firewalk.

Peer pressure is not allowed at events and it is always made clear that this is an ‘opportunity’ to Firewalk and not mandatory, the confidence seminar alone is a fantastic learning event.

This can be a stand alone activity or it can be part of a wider learning experience within the corporate environment. Following a conversation, a bespoke and totally unique experience can be created anywhere in the world for your clients, employees, charity or group.

Other confidence building activites also include Glasswalking, Arrow Breaking, ReBar Bending and Board Breaking all of which can be organised as stand alone events or as part of organisational away days or even as a way to raise funds for charity.

Please call Emma to discuss ideas you may have on:

+44 (0) 7881488258


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