The House

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Books are available from an extensive library…





Bedrooms are spacious and very comfortable, this is the double en-suite.











The balcony is great for watching sunsets.










Meditations areas are available around the house, plus mindful walking areas.






Plenty of space to relax.





The downstairs lounge where you can read an relax on one of the sofas.




Views across the Maelog lake and towards the sea from the top floor.





As you enter the drive….





Hay baling in the front paddock… Ponies arriving soon…











Magical lighting in the evening….






Light and airy, used for workshops, movies and therapy in the afternoon…




Relaxing spaces for massages…





Large modern kitchen and dining area…






Cosy area for discussions and coaching on the top floor…




Huge bath for a relaxing soak with lashings of hot water and bubbles available…




A secret hideaway double en-suite on the top floor..First come first serve… 🙂






Complimentary organic chocolates, notepad and aromatherapy bubbles and skin care items from our own Aromatherapist Frank Gifts…




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