About us

The retreats are organised primarily by Martin & Emma based on Anglesey, together with a team which includes various people with specialist skills,  brought in to add to your experience. Below are some bio’s of the team, which will vary dependent on their own schedules.

Martin is an explorer of life and connector of dots. For the last ten years Martin has worked internationally as an executive coach, trainer, therapist, speaker and writer on subjects such as leadership, peak performance, confidence and behavioural transformation towards sustainable and purposeful living. His work and writing have been featured in media worldwide.

016 (2)He currently spends most mornings on the beach with his Labrador, ‘Mac’ collecting driftwood and inspiration. He’s been described as the ‘why, how and what to do next’ guy in that he helps people understand ‘Why’ they behave the way they do, ‘How’ they maybe limiting themselves and then he explores with them options for transforming to a whole new paradigm of meaning and happiness.

After a decade of personal research and experience helping  clients and himself, Martin developed the ‘OPTIMISE Your Life’ model. A revolutionary new approach to  transforming the way we live. Martin hopes to empower people to unleash their purpose, passion and potential so we can co-create an environmentally sustaining, socially just and personally fulfilling world upon which we live.


Emma is a specialist in nutrition and walks the talk by growing organic vegetables on the grounds of the retreat. A deeply intuitive life coach and massage therapist, Emma introduces calmness and serenity to the mix of the ‘OPTIMISE Your Life’ retreats.

Emma gained her intuitiveness from training horses for 20 years. Her ability to quickly build rapport  and communicate with wild horses has enabled her to develop her client’s horses into internationally prized studs and competition winners.

All these skills have given Emma the ability to put clients at ease, and quickly uncover blockages.  Emma is available during the retreat for advice on nutrition and dietary planning. But if you want a short-cut to nirvana, why not experience Emma’s unique combination of intuitive massage and Reiki!


Kathryn Turner Yoga & Therapies

At the age of 17, Kathryn began her first meditation practice. So struck by the physical and mental benefits, she enquired deeper and this enquiry led to yoga. Kathryn has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and teaching since 1999. She is fully qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga. Her style of teaching is based on precision in the postures as a means of focusing the mind and bringing it to a place of inner peace. She also incorporates mindfulness techniques into her teaching.

Mac ~ The Therapy Dog

DSCF1730Mac will always be on hand to give you a warm welcome. Don’t worry if you’re worried about dogs, he’ll stay out of the way, just let us know. But if you fancy the idea of walking Mac (although it’ll probably be the other way around) Mac is always up for a walk on the beach and will fetch sticks back to you… Most of the time!


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