A Modern Day Path to Enlightened Living…

Welcome to OPTIMISE Your Life retreats. Our mission is to provide a small group, luxury retreat holiday experience in a beautiful environment.

This is for those of you who enjoy working hard and are wanting to find a balance between rest and play. Whilst your re-charging your batteries, you’d also like to pick up some wisdom and tools which would positively impact your work life too. We provide a space in your life, a sanctuary if you will, in which  you can enjoy a blissful time-out, nourishing food, balanced with some physical outlets in an amazing setting in the South West of France. You can also soak up some knowledge and tools which you can implement immediately. This comes in the form of the OPTIMISE  workshops and coaching which are freely available to you, making you more effective when you return to the fray…

The OPTIMISE programme has been likened by former clients as being the modern day path to enlightened living. If you’re interested, drop us your contact details below.

We also provide stand-alone coaching, workshops, retreats, talks and a blog. Have a meander around our site and, if you’d like nuggets of wisdom dropped direct into your mail box, just sign up and we’ll also send you a complimentary e-Book, ‘Unleash your Inner Monkey!’

Please have a look around the site, sign up for email updates and our blog. If you would like more details or want to discuss your requirements, use the contact form below:


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